Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another price raise in the works... sorry folks, it's necessary!

Hello All my lovely friends!!

Well, there is no good way to put this, so I guess I will just come out and say it. I did not think that I would have to do this again so soon but it looks like I will have to raise my commission prices once again.

Not sure when exactly this will happen, but I will post new info as soon as I have figured out the details. I am very sorry about this but it is necessary. I'm just taking into consideration the recent price range that my dolls have been going for, not only through my auctions but also on the secondary market, and this includes the older dolls that I have made that are quite basic, even those are fetching higher prices. I really need to think not only about what is fair for my customers but also what is fair for myself and my business at this time, so I just decided that I need to rethink my pricelist and come out with a solution for us all! For now the pricelist will be removed off of this blog so that there is no confusion in the meantime. But if you have a commission coming up, I can send you the new prices directly to your email once I have the info ready.

I understand that there may be some people who will be upset about another raise. This will be my third time raising the prices this year. It started off at $80 a faceup, and now has risen to double, and to be honest I think that was still incredibly reasonable and affordable... But as I said, I really need to think about what's fair for me and my business at this time.

As some people may know, I am always open to doing trades for stock dolls, or kenners, and might even consider other dolls as well like Lati, Person doll.. Plus, I am also ok with doing payment plans for commissions which I do not allow on my auctions.. So, I really do want to work with people and make sure that my dolls are still within reach for the people who have been patiently waiting in my list for a year or even longer, and patiently waiting as the prices keep slowly rising... I really do appreciate it, and I hope that everyone will understand :)

If anyone has any question please feel free to send me an email directly. I have a new email address: gbabydolls@yahoo.com

Thanks so much!!!