Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My mom's Etsy shop Marie B Designs!! ;D

My mom has been working on some awesome creations for Blythe, the main thing she's making is kimonos for now, but I think it's great because I never find any and I'd love to have some, her's are so unique and super fun! I hope she can give me the daughter discount: FREE!! haha.. just kidding. Well, finally a few weeks ago she opened her own Etsy shop!! GO MOM!! yeaaaaaa! ;D I am so proud of her!

I'll be doing the updates on my flickr since she is not very active on flickr. But please feel free to check out her shop. link below:

We will be doing another update with a couple more kimonos available. probably next weekend around March 13th or so.. will update later when I know for sure.

Here are some of the lovely creations she has made:

thank you so much for looking!!